Hutongs & Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷

Last day before the holidys. Everyone was very excited – except me. I was just happy not to lay in bed but instead attending class for the first time that week.
Economics was the first class on my scadule for today. After that we met at the East Gate of PKU to head off for a little school trip. Actually it was a Uni trip but as our classes are so small I’ll just call it a school trip.
We went with all our lovely teachers AND our calligrphy teacher. First, our calligraphy teacher took us to 2 small art galaries where we had a look at really expensive calligraphy and some shops where you could buy all sort of stuff you’d need for doing chinese callirgraphy. But pay attention on the prices as they vary a lot.
After that we headed off to Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷. We had to split up into teams (2 person each) to do a task for our Tourism & Traveling class. The requirement was to find a store, a café or a bar and collect information about it. At home we are supposed to prepare a PPT to show the others of the class our „favourite“ place at Nanluoguxiang.
Nanluoguxiang belongs tot he famous Hutongs in Beijing. Hutongs are the traditional form of living in „former“ Beijing. I mean, the Beijing before all those skyscraper came. Those Hutongs are small one-storey and often one-room buildings. They are made of stone but are simply made. Life happens in the small streets and you can wash yourself in the pupblic washing rooms.
Unfortunately, during the waves of pulling down old buildings which roll over Beijing periodically a lot of Hutongs have been destroyed. Some oft hem have been rebuild as people recognized how import the Hutongs actually are for the flair of traditional Beijing.
Theresa and I started strolling down the main street at Nanluoguxiang in search of a place we could introduce to the others. Well, to be honest...

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Happy to see you there