798 Art District

I’ve already been at 798 Art District in March but it was quite cold back then and I didn’t have that much time as a presentation and some other uni stuff was impatiently waiting for me to be done. Today I finally managed to go there again. So I took my roommate Hanna and we headed off to 798. 798 is located in the north-east of Beijing (beyond the 4th ring) and the ride took us around an hour.
A little intro about the district: 798 is an old factory side and all the different halls are numbered. Around 2000 the district has been changed into an art zone as the factory halls were great for art exhibitions. And so more and more chinese artists have become attracted by 798. Even artist from other countries around the world. In the beginning the famous artist Ai Weiwei has been putting a lot effort into the district and it is said that, even though he can’t exhibit anymore in China he still has influence on it in the background. He now is in Berlin teaching at University.

When we arrived it was about noon and because it was Friday it wasn’t too crowded, which I always appreciate. The weather was great and we had a little walk over the side and had a look at some exhibitions. I just love the relaxing atmosphere there and there are so many cute little stores which sell all kind of stuff which has to do with art.

I could spend there sooooo much money, if I’d had much. Apropos money; the district is free of charge. Even the exhibitions are. So if you don’t have that much money you still can enjoy going there and looking at all the beautiful things. Yes, can. If you walk through the little shops you really have to pay attention on the prices as they vary a lot (even in one shop you can find some cheap and some reeeeeaaaally pricey things). Of corse it is possible to find some cheap and nice little things to buy wether for yourself or as souvenirs. The more artistically thing are a little pricey, of corse compared to the prices I usually spend in China.

We treated ourselves with an awesome italian icecream at the „Vivi Dolce“. The gelato was soooo tasty, it was kinda expensive as we paid 45 Yuan for 2 scoops but it was totally worth it as I just cant get along with those soft ices.

I had an amazing afternoon and i fit wouldn’t be that far away I think you’d might find me there every weekend...