My Story About China - Video Contest

On my blog I was talking about a video I was shooting a couple of weeks ago. So whats all about that video and what for was it?

It was about a competition I was participating in. The Contest was called „my story about China“. The video had to deal with my personal and individual experience relating to China. What ist he first thing which comes to your mind when you thing about China?
My story was something I experienced a year ago. I was very nervous as I really wanted to do it in chinese. Luckly my enthusiastic teacher helped me with expressing the exact thing the way I wanted it to. Unfortunately, I didn’t focus on the deadline for handing in the video and so I had only one afternoon left filming and cutting the video. Because of that I’m not really satisfied with the actual outcome, but anyways; I’m proud to have shot a video in chinese and handed it in.

So. Today was the day. Who is the winner of that competition?
To take it ahead: no, it’s not me. BUT. It’s my gorgeous classmate Anna.

We all loved here video and we’re hoping to see some more of these as shes enjoying doing videos outside the competiton as well. I’m so happy for her as she put so much effort into that and the outcome was just amazing. My rooom mates and I had goose bumps watching her video.

Also there were two videos who where rated on the second place and two for the third. If you want to take a look at the videos, here’s the link
I’m real proud that the price went to one of our ECLC students. Congrats to Anna, really heard-earned!

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