ECLC Student Wins 1st Prize

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 13:24
Copyright by Center for Soft Power Studies, Peking University

ECLC student Anna Straif has been awarded 1st Prize in the 1st „我的中国故事 My Story about China“ video contest, held by the Center for Soft Power Studies, Peking University.

Contestants from 12 different nations participated in this year’s competition, among them three current and one former ECLC student. Anna’s video 《德国姑娘爱中国》 (German girl loves China) was chosen among 15 entries. The jury praised her video as „genuine“, showing her true love for China, Chinese culture and her friends, while also being cut and arranged in a professional and creative manner.

Anna Straif has been studying Chinese Studies at Wuerzburg University since the winter semester of 2014/15 and is currently studying at Peking University in the ECLC programme.

You can find Anna’s video here. All other entries for the competition can be found on this page. You may also read Louisa’s blog-entry on the competition.